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How do I Sign in or create an account? 

To Sign in, go here

If you already have an NEJM Group account, you may use your email address and password connected to that account to sign into the Continuing Education Center.

If you have an MMS account but do not have an NEJM Group account, you will need to create a new account for the Continuing Education Center.

If you are unsure whether you have an active account, please enter your email address here to assess whether that email is connected to an active account and follow prompts.

For assistance or questions, please contact customer service.


How do I edit my account and my profile?

To Edit your account, go to My Account in the top right of screen. This will allow you to edit your NEJM account.

To Edit your CME profile, go to your My Activities in the top navigation panel. Click on view or edit.  


How do I change how my name prints on my certificates?

Go to My Activities, click on edit, click on profile, and scroll down to the field:  
Enter your name and credentials as you would like them on your printed certificates. 


How do I reset my password?

On the account log-in page, chose "Forgot password?", and you will be prompted to enter the email associated with your account. You will need access to this email to reset your password. If you cannot access the email that you set up your account with, use the contact us form for assistance. 


How do I find my activities?
Where do I go to see my Credits for past activities? 
Where can I download a certificate? 
How do I get to my Transcripts?

All of these things can be found in My Activities.

The Pending Activities tab will show those activities for which you have registered but have not yet completed and claimed credit for.

The Completed Activities tab will show those activities that you have completed and earned credit for. 

Certificates are found on the Completed Activities tab in the far-right column. Click download and a certificate will appear in the bottom left corner. Click that to open the full view.

Transcripts can be downloaded when you are viewing your completed activities. You can print a full transcript by choosing the Download PDF button in the upper right of the screen. You may filter the results by using the Title, Series, and Date Completed buttons.


How do I self-report credits?

In My Activities, choose External Credits, click the Add Credits button, and enter the appropriate data.  

I want to receive information about new and upcoming courses, how do I do that?

You would just need to opt in for marketing to receive the bi-weekly Continuing Education Update e-Newsletter.


Viewing Videos within a Course

Closed Captioning: Click on the CC on the bottom of the video. To enable, click English (auto-generated). 

Full Screen: To enable, click on the 2 triangles in the bottom right of the video.